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About Unity Mama

by Natasha Subbiah

The world is often divided along religious lines. This is an unsaid reality. And although this is often condoned, and all too often, even propagated, it is harmful to the peace in our world and harmful to individuals' personal, spiritual evolution. The hope that we can exist as true comrades, and partners in spirituality and thus in human existence and evolution, seems improbable, even impossible; but it is our duty not to give up on this necessary healing. After all, when we allow God to lead us, all good things are possible. It is possible to build a society in which we find value in each others religions. It is possible to find a common philosophy linking the core of all major religions and using it as an effective tool for personal and thus societal evolution. It is possible to love beyond religious boundaries; not in a condescending way, not from a standpoint of separation, but from mutual regard, respect, and unity. We know this is possible because this is the way we live.

I am Natasha Subbiah, and I function and thrive in an interfaith home. I am Hindu, and a Sai Baba devotee, and my husband, Wesley Subbiah, is Christian. We have been led by God to function in a way in which we benefit from each other's religions, from other religions outside of our own, and from our secular life, to deliver rapid inner development resulting in peace and joy.

We have now been led to share the philosophy that has emerged from this experience, to help the world transform, progress, and finally, be in peace and happiness, in a new spiritual age. 

Wesley has been graced with a transformative gift, experienced from latter childhood: the gift of hearing the voice of God. This has been one of the great foundations of the philosophy that we now impart. Over time, these short but impactful messages will be revealed to the world, to aid others’ transformation. 

For now, the philosophy has been disseminated via video in the YouTube links below. You can also read it in a more detailed form in articles that we will be adding, on an ongoing basis. The philosophy is not new, but described in a fresh way by simultaneously dipping into the streams of wisdom of multiple religions, clarifying its truths by stripping it of superstition, division, or exclusivity propaganda, and concentrating wisdom into its essence, to deliver one, convincing, unifying, and uplifting message that can appeal to the hearts of anyone, from any background. The message is intended to deliver one to the ultimate goal of our existence - joy, by discovering our true identity, and the mechanisms of the universe, as is revealed to us in the heart of religious philosophy. 

We hope that you will join us on our quest to quell the tides of discontent, fear, hopelessness, and lack and build a society that is founded on love, driven by peace, and saturated with joy. Access our free material, share the message and join in our journey of hope.

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