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Our True Identity as Hidden into Religious Scripture

Our True Identity as Hidden into Religious Scripture

Who are we? We see signs that there is something more to us, but we struggle to arrest this truth and allow it to define our lives. Yet knowing who we truly are, allows us to aspire for a higher goal, and delivers us the happiness, peace, and contentment that we so desperately seek. What do ancient and modern spiritual texts reveal, or hide, about what it is we are? Aristotle's and Plato's Greek Philosophy, the Holy Bible, the Holy Vedas, the Gospel of the Apostle Thomas, the Avadhutta Gita, the Lotus Sutra, A Course in Miracles, Sri Sathya Sai Baba's discourses, and our own inner messages from God have helped us form a picture of ourselves that far exceeds all expectations. Through this ancient search we have also been delivered a hidden method, by combining the secrets of the principle mantra of Buddhism with Sai Baba's teachings, a secret that is critical towards attaining the pinnacle of human existence - spiritual freedom itself. This is all revealed in this moving, uplifting, and inspiring documentary movie, which motivates humanity to aspire to a higher goal than we have commonly entertained before. This is the good news that Jesus hinted at, but never fully divulged to the public, for lack of their understanding and better judgement then. But humanity has, over the thousands of years, been made ready to receive this news in the fullness of its glory. Humanity, in its suffering and unhappiness, is in need of this good news and this higher goal, beyond the confines of religious boundaries, national lines, or any physical limitations - because for transcendental happiness, we must transcend the physical. Previous episodes have shown that we are not the body and that we are not the mind. What then are we? Let us explore ourselves, in a new light, to truly break free of the shackles imposed by society, the mind, and the ego, and thus to live lighter, truly happy and contented lives. This teaching combines the philosophies, often hidden, into Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism, Islam, and Greek Philosophy.

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